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earth • ship - a dwelling designed to bring people into a more intelligent and sustainable relationship with their environment
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Prologue (Revised)

The original prologue I wrote is still available if you're interested. There is still something to it, but there is a specific thread of meaning to this whole endeavor I want to share. Additionally, what I had written about the ecosystem may no longer hold.
When I was in college studying art, there were 2 schools of thought. There was the school of traditional art, which had pursued aesthetic beauty as far as Modernism, and then there was everything else; the "Post Modern" school of political art, activist art, conceptual scupture, performance art, etc. There was something really compelling about both to me, and being the consummate synthesizer that I am, I set out to put it all together. That process took about 15 years.
In fact, strangely enough, I didn't even realize it until I was neck deep in it. There it was, right in front of me, in that tiny little earth hut. There, represented in this small structure was architecture, there was pigment from the earth and applied color (eventually), there was sculptural form achieved through the use of earth, there was aesthetics inherent in the materials, and there was a powerful political statement for the following reasons: This work would provide a temporary shelter with a minimal environmental footprint. It would not require fossil fuels or electricity generated by the burning of fossil fuels. It would not require a mortgage which is a source of stress and represents a colossal waste of finite human energy (the years of labor you need to pledge in advance just to claim ownership). It would use considerably less water than the average household and not draw primarily on the water table as it's source. It would require far less maintenance and cost over it's lifetime. It would probably last forever.
Aside from a collage I made in college which completely awakened my love for color, I now personally consider this project the only work I've ever made which literally does change the world in a measurable way. And as I master the techniques, there will eventually be a larger and more expressive home which I hope will serve my needs indefinitely, if the direction of the changing climate permits.
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favorite images (click to view photos in full resolution) Tres Orejas from the Rio Grans Gorge
Tres Orejas from the Rio Grans Gorge Bridge
Gorge view from the bridge Gorge view from the bridge
View north up the gorge View north up the Gorge
A casual walk from the home site brings you right up to the gorge rim
Another view looking north up the gorge Another view looking north up the gorge
A View in Taos A View in Taos
The Pallisades The Pallisades
Along Highway 64 West toward Taos
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